We need your skills.

Homework Series

Every event that happens on campus, every school flyer that comes home announcing an upcoming event started as an idea a parent once had!  When you are a PTA member, you get to a have a say in these things, you get to bring new ideas to the table and we can move forward on shaping Miller into the Miller we envision.  There’s tremendous excitement watching that happen right now at our meetings!

Our meetings so far this year have been on-fire with ideas, goals and big dreams.  The parents involved in these events are putting their hearts and souls into building our parent/child/teacher-friendly school and they need like-minded helpers.  Even working for one hour at any event is a HUGE contribution and greatly appreciated.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity I can help you find the one that works with your time, your work schedule and your skills!  It is my job and joy to plug you into an opportunity where you can personally feel that ‘something special’ when community and connection intersect.